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TrakItNow is a unique Internet of Things (IoT) company founded with a passion to create a considerable impact on society.   Our solutions focus on public health, public safety and connected vehicles.  We believe technology should help people remain healthy, safe, and efficient as people go about with their day to day personal or professional lives.

Meet our turn-key solutions:


Our latest innovation is in the world of public health. We’ve developed IoT technology for Smart Mosquito Control Management to help in the control of vector-borne diseases. We will be first company in the world to have a scalable solution to address the gaps in mosquito surveillance.

Moskeet, a Smart Mosquito Control Management solution, helps in the eradication of mosquito-borne diseases. Moskeet is the world’s first commercially available mosquito trap that can autonomously detect the mosquito species. Moskeet is designed and developed as an affordable solution for underdeveloped and developing countries.

The smart mosquito trap can also count the number of mosquitoes and can disseminate the collected data in real-time. The real-time mosquito information by location & species will change the way the world fights the mosquito wars.


Our team’s passion is to improve quality of life and to make the world safer for all of us. RapidCop is designed to empower citizens when it comes to incident reporting, helping our law enforcement departments maintain a crime-free society. It comes with a packet of persuasive characteristics to help citizens find instant help whenever they require.

RapidCop is an all-in-one app for police professionals to document incidents with two way communication between the dispatch center and officers in the field. The police department will have several options for the crime information submitted in the reports, including adding a photo or video to a report, providing more valuable data for the officers. This is what we call as “TRUE IoT”. Real time tracking acts as a deterrent and prevents unwanted incidents.

Smart Vehicles

We are an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) supplier of Vehicle Tracking Systems(VTS) to leading manufacturers. Our Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) comes with smart and robust device that meets international automotive manufacturer standards. Our services include simple to use mobile and web applications to bring location and vehicle diagnostic information to you in real time. Our solution offers special features to OEMs and their dealers to manage vehicles during the warranty period.

Our Team

Meet our team:


Ram Reddy
Ram Reddy
David Tong
David Tong
Software Executive

Advisory Board

Tom Ledbetter
Tom Ledbetter
Associate Vice President, Center for Entrepreneurial Success at Midlands Technical College
Himagiri Mukkamala
Himagiri Mukkamala
General Manager - IOT Cloud Services at Arm