Embedded product test Engineer

Job Role : Embedded product test Engineer

Relative Work experience : Minimum 3 years.

Educational qualification : B.E/B.Tech/M.Sc with electronics platform.

Required technical skills :

  1. Brief Knowledge on electronic components working, PCB assembly , PCB QC, Bill of materials , Schematic reading, PCB power test and test report making.

  2. Utilizing the electronic test equipment’s like Multimeter , CRO and Logical analyzer.

  3. Power regulator types and functionalities.

  4. Familiar with MCU families STM,ATMEL and equivalent 32-bit micro controllers.

  5. Firmware loading in to MCU and well knowledge on its integral peripheral functionalities UART,RS232,RS485,SPI,I2C,ADC,DAC,CAN, counters, timers,watch dog timers,RTC and memory.

  6. Good knowledge in on-board peripherals like SD card, Accelerometer and wireless communications systems GSM & GPS.

  7. Good knowledge in external peripherals like field sensors (I.e temperature, pressure, fuel level.. etc)

  8. Good knowledge on validation of end to end embedded product testing Client Server application testing and Testing Knowledge on validation of Cloud application.

Responsibilities :

  1. Should be able to handle the product from board bring-up to delivery . i.e testing the required functionalities, debugging the minimal level difficulties and ability to grab knowledge from developers on requirement basis.

  2. Test case analyzation and report making.

  3. Requirement gathering at project initial level and ability to gather the requirement dependent parameters from field.

  4. Device initialization support in field.

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