True.One is our core IOT technology platform that powers all our solutions.

True.Trak Each device is identified with a unique digital identity. Each data set collected from the device contains the device ID, location, and time. The device can be located and tracked in real-time.

True.Sensors The device is equipped with multiple sensors to collect data for the required application. Each application requires different data sets, and we use different sensors and different device components, when required, to collect the required data. The sensors are supported by the on-board computing power to make them intelligent.

True.Autonomous The device can function autonomously. On board chip, storage, battery, and firmware make the device autonomous. The device can be configured to send alerts and to initiate contact with other devices & stake holders.

True.Connect The device is connected through the cloud via internet, mobile, wifi, bluetooth, and other connecting technologies. The devices can talk to each other and can communicate with any other smart device which can authenticate. The device can also be configured to initiate contact with the stakeholders in an emergency. The device is cloud ready and can seamlessly synchronize the data collected to the cloud platform in real time.

True.Control The device can be monitored, controlled, configured, and upgraded remotely.

True.Software In addition to the firmware that resides on the device, we have developed a software layer that will manage, process, and disseminate the data collected by the device. The algorithms that are present in the software layer use the technological advancements that include, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Social Integration, and Intelligent Analytics.

True.Experience The stakeholders can interact with the system using web and mobile applications.  Users can also interact with the device directly. Our system is designed to give seamless user experience via web and mobile applications.  Contextual reports, critical alerts, and intelligent action recommendations will give true experience to the end users.

Key Features

True.One is our proprietary IOT framework that is highly secure, flexible, modular, scalable, and economical.

Various modules can be plugged in at assembly. The device can be configured and assembled with optional modules as per the requirements of the application. Modular design coupled with our agile implementation approach helps to save costs in product design and research & development costs.

Security is given a high priority at the device design & software architecture level. The hardware, firmware, & software use various algorithms to keep the entire system secure. A proprietary framework helps to improve the security elements.

We offer turnkey solutions. Our framework includes: hardware, firmware, software, and various user interfaces. We also offer a command center application for largescale implementation.