TrakitNow wins IoT Start-up Award

TrakitNow wins IoT Start-up Award

TrakItNow Startup Award Highlights The Need for The Technology

The Internet of Things is expanding rapidly, and while many consumers enjoy the benefits of the technology, not everyone has seen the true power it can offer when facing the challenges of today. TrakItNow, though, saw that potential from the start and built the technology to make systems like Moskeet, RapidCop, and Smart Vehicle Health Monitoring and Tracking an option for communities across the globe. Fortunately, their commitment was just recognized.

At IoT India Congress 2017, TrakItNow was one of just three companies to win the IoT Startup of the Year award.

IoT India Congress is the premier platform for companies to learn more about what’s possible with the Internet of Things. Knowledge sharing among companies of all shapes and sizes takes place here every year, and it only serves to show the world what a game changer the Internet of Things truly is. The conference is supported by several big names including Digital India, aeris, and SenRa.

To be recognized in a venue like this one is  nothing short of amazing. With twelve finalists and a powerful jury panel, the award is truly a way to recognize IoT pioneers.

We believe it’s amazing to be recognized in this elite format. We’ve been working hard to make what we feel is a life changing innovation possible for communities around the world, and we’re proud that IoT India Congress found that to be the case!

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