Embedded product test Engineer

Minimum 3 years, B.E/B.Tech/M.Sc with electronics platform.

Job Role :Embedded product test Engineer

Relative Work experience :Minimum 3 years.

Educational qualification :B.E/B.Tech/M.Sc with electronics platform.

Required technical skills :

  • Brief Knowledge on electronic components working, PCB assembly , PCB QC, Bill of materials , Schematic reading, PCB power test and test report making.
  • Utilizing the electronic test equipment’s like Multimeter , CRO and Logical analyzer.
  • Power regulator types and functionalities.
  • Familiar with MCU families STM,ATMEL and equivalent 32-bit micro controllers.
  • Firmware loading in to MCU and well knowledge on its integral peripheral functionalities UART,RS232,RS485,SPI,I2C,ADC,DAC,CAN, counters, timers,watch dog timers,RTC and memory.
  • Good knowledge in on-board peripherals like SD card, Accelerometer and wireless communications systems GSM & GPS.
  • Good knowledge in external peripherals like field sensors (I.e temperature, pressure, fuel level.. etc)
  • Good knowledge on validation of end to end embedded product testing Client Server application testing and Testing Knowledge on validation of Cloud application.

Responsibilities :

  • Should be able to handle the product from board bring-up to delivery . i.e testing the required functionalities, debugging the minimal level difficulties and ability to grab knowledge from developers on requirement basis.
  • Test case analyzation and report making.
  • Requirement gathering at project initial level and ability to gather the requirement dependent parameters from field.
  • Device initialization support in field.