VSVTS Product Details

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GPS Tracking
Geo-fence alerts
Speed & Speed Violation
Distance travelled
Location capture
Overstay violation
Automated Trips
Internal Storage
Analog Inputs & Digital I/O
OTA Enabled
Route planning & Management



Dimensions 76mm (Length) x 72mm (Width) x 31mm (Height)
Weight 0.35Kg (approx.)
Network GSM/GPRS
GSM Band Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Position Acquiring Method GPS+GLONASS
Receiver type 33 tracking / 99 acquisition/210 PRN – channels
GPS – L1 Band Receiver (1575.42MHz)
GLONASS – L1 Band Receiver (1601.71MHz)
Position sensitivity
     Acquisition (Cold Start)

-149 dBm
-167 dBm
-161 dBm
Horizontal Position accuracy – Autonomous <2.5-meter CEP @-130dBm
Position acquiring start time Hot Start : 1s (Typical)
Warm Start : <30s (Typical)
Cold Start : <35s (Typical)
Velocity Accuracy Without Aid – 0.1 m/S
Acceleration Accuracy Without Aid – 0.1 m/S²
Input Power supply 9 to 36V
Input current 90ma (Normal operation) @12V
130mA (Upload Time) @12V
20mA@12V (Automatic sleep mode on IGN OFF (saves power)
Voltage Protection Over Spike Voltage, Over current, reverse voltage and short circuit
Internal Battery Capacity 3.7V, 2200mAH
Internal Power Backup up to 26Hrs – 10sec upload time (not final value, testing is still in progress)
LED Indication Power, GSM, GPS and Charge
Memory storage 16GB micro SD card / more than 4yrs records storage
IO Interface 2 Digital Input Channels
1 Digital output Channels
Storage Temperature -40⁰C to + 75⁰C
Operating Temperature -20⁰C to + 65⁰C
Humidity 5% – 95% Non-Condensing
IP Rating IP67 (Water Proof – 1m deep into water for 30 minutes)
Vibration Random – 5Hz to 500Hz, 20hrs, 3 Axes;
Sine wave –  Log sweep from10Hz to 2000Hz, 5g peak
Accelerometer 3-Axis
Output Resolution
Over The Air firmware upgrade Available
Remote configuration SMS/Web server configuration
Data Encryption Available – End to End data Encryption
Sleep Mode Available
Data upload interval Configurable through SMS, between 10Secs to 60Mins
Driving pattern detection Harsh braking and rash driving can be detected
Standards Compliance ISO 7637 – 2 & ISO 16750 -2
  • Real-time location tracking with GPS
  • Enhanced safety & security
  • Simple Installation process
  • 7-year data retention
  • Highly accurate (5 meters accuracy)
  • View live traffic of your fleet
  • History tracking and analytics
  • Secure and encrypted communication
  • Alerts through SMS, mobile app and web
  • Integration with Backend ERPs – if any
  • Enable auto trips based on defined location
  • Tracking for multiple vehicles / multiple devices
  • Data integration in AWS cloud for critical alert notifications
  • Geo fencing enabled, Auto Geo-fencing facility
  • Share vehicle trips with password to Transporters/Owners
  • Route plan, automated mapping and route violation analysis
  • Freight Bills Generation and reconciliation
  • Real-time tracking with analytical and MIS Reports
  • Capture trip distance travelled / Mapped locations stay period
  • Capture Speed violations and stay duration violations
  • SaaS platform. Includes software, hardware, licensing and support
 Logistics and Supply chain, School vans/buses, Cars and Bikes (without health monitoring), Mass transport